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Hombre gay: 28 años (Argentina) 10.6k visitas

4 fotos

Tengo lugar Cambié contraseña y ahora no puedo descifrar los mensajes. Vuelvan a escribir y sigamos charlando...


Hombre: 35 años (Reino Unido) 16.1k visitas

4 vídeos - 424 fotos

Big Faloculturista

Hombre: (Brasil) 14.2k visitas

8 vídeos - 1 foto

Phalloculturist - Adult content creator on XVideos Natural bodybuilder Exhibitionist


Hombre: 47 años (Estados Unidos) 8.5k visitas

5 vídeos - 1 foto

Outgoing funny kind humorous and well endowed with meticulous freaky Behaviour.


Hombre gay: 38 años (Estados Unidos) 2.9k visitas

Tzubaza Gay

Hombre gay: 34 años (México) 7.9k visitas

1 vídeo


Hombre: 29 años (España) 21.5k visitas

13 vídeos - 138 favs - 109 fotos

Hola! Soy chico joven, delgado y peludo /BDSM/Dominación/Humillación A veces emito en C4 Kik: Domal11


Hombre: 35 años (Estados Unidos) 3.6k visitas


Hombre: 58 años (Estados Unidos) 2.3k visitas

2 vídeos


Hombre: 21 años (Brasil) 1.8k visitas

16 vídeos - 36 favs - 11 fotos

...........…………………………._¸„„„„_ …………………….…………...„--~*'¯…….'\ ………….…………………… („-~~--„¸_….,/ì'Ì …….…………………….¸„-^"¯ : : : : :¸-¯"¯/' ……………………¸„„-^"¯ : : : : : : : '\¸„„,-" **¯¯¯'^^~-„„„----~^*'"¯ : : : : : : : : : :¸-" .:.:.:.:.„-^" : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :„-" :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: : : : : : : : : : ¸„-^¯ .::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. : : : : : : : ¸„„-^¯ :.' : : '\ : : : : : : : ;¸„„-~"¯ :.:.:: :"-„""***/*'ì¸'¯ :.': : : : :"-„ : : :"\ .:.:.: : : : :" : : : : \, :.: : : : : : : : : : : : 'Ì : : : : : : :, : : : : : :/ "-„_::::_„-*__„„~"

Christian Hermes

Hombre gay: 30 años (Rusia) 54.3k visitas

18 vídeos

Hi folks. I’m Christian Hermès. It’s my official account⭐️ I’m porn actor and webcam model Only hard-only Sex non stop •King Cum shoot •Bigload✔️ •Exclusive video content✌ Kind Regards Christian Hermès


Hombre: 20 años (Reino Unido) 3.4k visitas

15 vídeos - 7 fotos



Hombre: 50 años (Ecuador) 2.8k visitas

rich, pretty,sexy hottttttttttt


Hombre: 39 años (Estados Unidos) 5.1k visitas

30 favs - 10 fotos

Hey Guys and Gals I am Brandon.... if you need ANYTHING please reach out! To talk or whatever. I do stay pretty busy at selling cars, but in my down time,... well, WE ALL LIKE PORN! My partner and I are open, and we are they best two people made for one another! Oh I believe in the Bible, just not what man understands out of it! I hope it doesn't make a difference if we are white or black, straight or gay!! Hey HEy Thanks for SWinGinG ON BY!!!


Hombre: 31 años (Estados Unidos) 4.7k visitas

Well I'm 21 looking for a good time in Tulsa, OK. Email me if you have questions or anything else.


Hombre: 36 años (Hungría) 10.8k visitas

6 vídeos - 5 fotos

Nyugodtan írjatok nekem:-) [email protected]


Hombre: 38 años (Brasil) 18.3k visitas

9 fotos

Sou passivo, adoro coroas peludos São Paulo capital Zn....somente ativos ... afim de um sexo gostoso real sem enrolacão deixem mensagens só adiciono com fotos.. bjs a todos. SEM FOTOS SEM AMIZADE!!


Hombre: 41 años (Estados Unidos) 3.6k visitas

horny white man looking to fuck and get fucked by both men and women

Weslley Nike

Hombre: 43 años (Brasil) 108.5k visitas

27 vídeos

Sou um ATOR PORNO de longas datas e procuro sempre entregar meu maximo e em todas as cenas ate por ser muito safado e adorar uma putaria .

Psv Dot

Hombre: 21 años (Brasil) 14.9k visitas

5 vídeos - 16 fotos

Interior de São Paulo Passivo, fetichista Bora marcar.


Hombre gay: (Brasil) 8.8k visitas

3 vídeos - 11 fotos

Passivo 40 anos de idade


Hombre: 37 años (Estados Unidos) 7k visitas

2 vídeos - 8 fotos

I live close to wichita falls texas looking to meet new people


Hombre gay: 59 años (Norteamérica) 2k visitas

Bottom looking for big cock to make content.


Hombre: 30 años (México) 5.2k visitas

1 vídeo - 72 favs


Hombre: 58 años (Brasil) 46.7k visitas

4 vídeos - 51 favs - 25 fotos

Discreto ,porém gosto muito de uma rola ... De um leite quente na cama logo cedo, não sou alérgico a lactose ???


Hombre gay: 49 años (Estados Unidos) 6.4k visitas

2 vídeos

Den Mak

Hombre: 41 años (Rusia) 2.5k visitas

32 vídeos - 680 favs - 140 fotos

Люблю эксперименты, игрушки, страпон,Вирт,би секс,куни,пишите в телеграм @faitr77


Hombre: 48 años (Alemania) 15.7k visitas

36 vídeos - 1 fav - 2 fotos

Suche schon so so lange einen Mann der meinen fetish ernst nimmt und an mir seine medizinischen Vorstellung ausleben will. In diesem Fall bin ich ABSOLUT devot und lasse mich gerne beschneiden, spritzen, den Schwanz aufschneiden und und und. Komme aus Berlin. Ich bin ein absoluter Patient. BITTE. Sende eine E-Mail an: [email protected] Ich antworte schnellstmöglich.


Hombre: 19 años (Noruega) 23.5k visitas

6 vídeos - 38 fotos

Hey, Idk uhm... I am horny, you can talk to me and hope you like my videos on xvideos and cum to me? So yeah, I am 19 I am Genderfluid / Queer and Pansexual


Hombre: 44 años (Estados Unidos) 2.2k visitas

19 fotos

I work all over the US so never know where I will. Always looking for something to do


Hombre: (Estados Unidos) 5.2k visitas

5 vídeos - 13 favs

Local truck driver in omaha area. Love all things sex. Wearing a condom isn't sex.


Hombre: 65 años (Estados Unidos) 7k visitas

30 vídeos

I like showing myself. Skype joe.smithward; cam4 yooualll chaterbate joesmithward. I like to cum and also play with my dildos. I can be submissive. Let's play!


Hombre: 24 años (Estados Unidos) 20.4k visitas

4 vídeos - 1 fav - 25 fotos

Kik me at BrandenHock Black men PLEASE send dick pics I want to see big black cock in my inbox !


Hombre: 33 años (Ucrania) 1.1k visitas

67 favs

Looking for Mistress


Hombre: 23 años (India) 14.4k visitas

2 vídeos - 11 favs - 18 fotos

हाय आपका स्वागत है मेरे इस चैनल में , यदि आप मै से कोई भी लड़किया / लड़का पोर्न वीडियो बनाना चाहता है, या बनवाना चाहते हैं, या कोई वीडियोस डालना चाहते हैं तो संपर्क करें धन्यवाद । Hi welcome me in this channel, if you want to make any girls / boy porn video from me, or want to be made, or if you want to insert any video please contact Thank you. Email :- [email protected] Phone :- coming soon........


Hombre: 53 años (Estados Unidos) 2.8k visitas

10 vídeos

Educated theatre nerd. Looking for someone to pass the time before the end.


Hombre gay: 66 años (Rusia) 85.6k visitas

35 vídeos - 192 favs - 10 fotos

gay micropenis 3inch exhibitionist


Hombre: 33 años (Estados Unidos) 21.1k visitas

5 vídeos - 18 fotos

I'm from Puerto Rico and people have always noticed my huge feet. I decided that it's best if I share them with the world, and stomp on some slaves. Bow down and worship me.


Hombre: 25 años (Brasil) 2.2k visitas

4 vídeos - 1 fav - 7 fotos

Sou um Ninfetinho discreto, sigiloso e não assumido. Sou louco por machos coroas, de preferencia acima dos 60. Mas todo macho com um bom dote é bem vindo. Inclusive procuro um para ser meu dono no sigilo, pra me usar sempre que quiser. Sonho em levar uma leitada dentro, mas é preciso confiança. Adoro um bom papo sacana. Vem curtir


Hombre gay: 38 años (Estados Unidos) 4.8k visitas

31 favs

Drummer, grower, grill, golf ⛳, beach. Yard


Hombre: 27 años (Brasil) 9.2k visitas

1 fav

Bora fuder


Hombre gay: 28 años (Brasil) 9.3k visitas

5 vídeos - 4 fotos

Sou gordo e procuro sexo fácil. Só aceito caras que esteja disposto a vir ao meu encontro e gravar uma bela gozada. Curiosos e hater não passaram, quer me fuder,me chame estarei aqui pronto para te satisfazer.

Smith Th88

Hombre gay: 21 años (Colombia) 5.3k visitas

10 vídeos

I´m from Colombia


Hombre: 27 años (Reino Unido) 31.9k visitas

36 vídeos - 17 favs - 92 fotos

updates: 16/02/2022 info: From Plymouth Devon. I do adult entertainment for 18+ I am bisexual. I am interested in lots of things. i love pron :) I like to photo swap/tribute i am 27 video last added: soon pics last added: soon I love to webcam to see you play with your pussy or dick and ass or we can photos swap and chat all on Skype and snap chat. CONTACT ME ON: Skype: tomttl95 (Live video chat and messages) Snap chat: tomttl95 (picture and video sending) Twitter: tomttl95 (u can tweet me videos,photos) and NEW: xhamster: u can also comment, chat and like my thing HERE on xvideos. You don't have to be a friend to see my pics and videos. If u want to be my friend just add me I will accept you xx :)


Hombre: (Canadá) 4.4k visitas

3 vídeos

Bi bareback. Love to spill my seed. Bad boy that I am.


Hombre: 30 años (Brasil) 6.7k visitas

5 vídeos - 46 favs - 1 foto


Hombre: 29 años (Estados Unidos) 36.5k visitas

7 vídeos - 1 fav - 110 fotos

Hi. my name is Jack-Off Zipper. I am a bisexual dude with a dirty sexual side. I like/choose both boys and girls. I am a pornstar; I like to make and act in pornographic videos and photos. I'm kinda fat, just so you know; I've been trying to lose weight. I hope there are guys and chicks in my area, which is Madison, WI. I want them so badly so I can make friends with them. I'm so damn lonely. Not only do I want my new friends to get nasty with me, I want them be actors and crew in my porn vids and pics. unlike most people on here, i'm celibate. I don't want sex, i want naked bi love with other people. i would masturbate with my encounters but that's about it. I want good honest people; no liars, no thieves, rapists, murders, savages, etc. I will NOT accept any fakes, scammers, or any sexually abusing dates. I will also not accept people, men especially, who lie about their sexuality by claiming that are "straight", heteroflexible, bicurious, g0y, down-low or none of that. Same goes for women. Be honest by acknowledging that you are bisexual since most of us are to some degree. It's really plain and simple. Please respect me.


Hombre: 30 años (Francia) 6k visitas

22 fotos

Cherche un copain (daddy) sur Paris pour qque chose de suivi :)


Hombre: 24 años (Reino Unido) 21k visitas

4 vídeos - 82 fotos

Hi :)


Hombre: 48 años (Estados Unidos) 47.8k visitas

120 favs - 4 fotos

I love sucking cock, eating cum and being a total bottom for guys. I enjoy fucking and being fucked by Tgirls. I also like having sex with petite women. Basically, I just love sex!


Hombre: 33 años (Reino Unido) 9.7k visitas

6 vídeos - 1 fav

Horny lad looking for a bud for regular fun. Discreet, smooth, clean, slim and sexy. Intersted in chatting with discreet kinky couples, a woman that is up for a bi MFM session or single straight acting lads like me. I like lads that are Stocky/chubby/beer belly, top/dominant mainly, small average dick or long and thin, uncut with tight or long foreskin. Im up for chatting, making a new pal for discreet horny fun to experiment and explore. Message me to chat especially if your in the UK or local to herts. Be nice to chill have a few beers and few toots and a smoke to relax ;)

Moreno Zl Boy

Hombre: 32 años (Brasil) 10.5k visitas

11 vídeos - 41 fotos

Olá me chamo Guilherme! Sou ator xvideos amador, 31 anos 1,79 de altura, 88 kg , 110 cm de bunda, e 17 cm de pau , sou versátil . estou doido para fazer vc gozar muito comigo. Eu amo ir a praia jogar vôlei , futebol, ver serie, filmes , amo jogar uns games também Sou acompanhante, ator e camboy venha agendar um encontro ou comprar algum conteúdo ou fazer uma chamada de vídeo ❤️


Hombre: 47 años (Reino Unido) 3.4k visitas

East London dude always looking for friends


Hombre: 48 años (Nueva Zelanda) 53.9k visitas

391 favs - 14 fotos

Sex, gay, bi, tattoo, big cocks, Latino, blacks, Arabs, threesomes, 69, cum face, cum swallow, rimming. nipples, muscles, athletic,jocks, hairy, smooth, top, bottom,


Hombre: (Estados Unidos) 5.9k visitas

2 vídeos - 5 fotos


Hombre gay: 37 años (Estados Unidos) 4.5k visitas

I'm fun loving out going and very honest. Enjoy family and pets. Sex sex and more sex!!!


Hombre: (Estados Unidos) 16.3k visitas

11 vídeos - 9 favs - 26 fotos

Looking for online fun, sexting, getting to know people who share same interests, possibility of meeting up to play!!!!!


Hombre: 47 años (Hungría) 14.9k visitas

108 favs

Minden vágyam egy törpe nővel szeretkezni! Imádom az idős és ducibb nőket is!


Hombre: 52 años (Estados Unidos) 1.5k visitas

4 vídeos

Chill, Open minded to all, uninhibited to most , love to please very passionate about sex! Interested in like-minded people. Very sincere.


Hombre: 36 años (Estados Unidos) 4.7k visitas

6 favs

I'm pretty laid back. I'll talk about anything if I know somthing about the subject. I'm open minded so if ya got questions just ask and I'll answer honestly. I am into all kinds of fun stuff as well and willing to try out new stuff I am also bisexual


Hombre: 42 años (Brasil) 1.1k visitas

4 vídeos


Hombre: 33 años (Estados Unidos) 6.2k visitas

6 vídeos

Your not so basic Alaskan boy. I enjoy dancing walking hiking kayaking camping sex music shopping driving and flying. Looking for a long term friend


Pareja gay: 28 años (Estados Unidos) 166.8k visitas

15 vídeos - 227 fotos

Just my boyfriend and I having fun! ;)


Hombre: 30 años (Estados Unidos) 89.4k visitas

12 vídeos - 2 favs - 2 fotos

Gayguy 27

Hombre: 32 años (Irán, República Islámica de) 27.8k visitas

25 vídeos - 16 fotos

Gay boy


Hombre: 27 años (Estados Unidos) 6.5k visitas

3 vídeos - 175 favs - 12 fotos

I'm a nature loving anime freak. I dont post things often but I love watching hot videos. I dont know what else to say. XD If you like what I do let me know, if theres something you wanna see, send me a message. ;3 have a pleasurable time.

Discreet Actor

Hombre: 34 años (Estados Unidos) 1.6k visitas

2 vídeos - 3 fotos

Looking to have fun with this!


Hombre: 34 años (Brasil) 191.2k visitas

140 vídeos - 4 favs


Hombre: 62 años (Estados Unidos) 3.8k visitas

21 favs

Anal,latex,pvc,toys,meeting new friends,smoking my 120s,leather,boots n gloves

One 69

Hombre gay: 28 años (Brasil) 3.6k visitas

Versátil+passivo. Não efeminado. Discreto e sigiloso. Interessado em novas amizades e novas experiências. Pode me chamar no chat se quiser bater um papo. Mais fotos só para amigos.


Hombre: 44 años (Estados Unidos) 3.4k visitas

American Bad Ass


Hombre: 40 años (Polonia) 37.3k visitas

6 vídeos - 512 favs - 113 fotos


Sexo A Tros

Hombre gay: 33 años (Brasil) 3.8k visitas

6 vídeos

Estou a procura de mulheres que adora fazer o maridinho de CORNO MANSO, pode ser um casal também!

Karnage Slaughter

Hombre: 32 años (Estados Unidos)

1 foto

Just ask me and i would tell you. Talk to me, I talk back Gang.


Hombre gay: 20 años (Rusia) 3.9k visitas

2 vídeos

Alexander Twink1

Hombre gay: 22 años (México) 1.1k visitas

3 vídeos


Hombre: (Alemania) 14.9k visitas

10 vídeos - 114 fotos

I greet all participants from a beautiful country and hystorical town. I would be glad about nice comments and greetings. But I am also open to factual criticism and looking forward to hearing from you.


Hombre: (Países Bajos) 10.9k visitas

6 vídeos - 155 favs

Latex, the fabric of which dreams and imagination are for me, latex as well as bondage, gasmask ,latexmask , rubbersuit and latexgloves is not just a sexual fetish. Also more art and culture...


Hombre: (Australia) 17.1k visitas

9 vídeos - 65 favs

Cocco hands to the caribbean are to wash, away... and the nut of the fruits embraced remain.


Hombre: (Estados Unidos) 3.6k visitas

7 vídeos - 17 fotos

Hi, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to this sooner. I have been thinking about how I want to proceed and I’ve always wanted to do requests so I may start a live cam routine and aim for weekly posted videos of best moments of the week or if it gains traction a dare series either voted on or pay per dare. I want to know what it’s like to be fucked by a real person and this is my journey from “extra virgin” to ready to assume the position and then the loss of the real person virginity. I have several toys to work up to before then but the last one is a fist and if I can get the whole thing in me or close then I’ll make a grinder and let some guy or couple of guys have at it.

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